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Multibox American Box


Automatic machine for forming American cartons with bottom flaps closed. A HOT-MELT glue applicator is used.

Standard features:

  • Machine and electrical cabinet built in painted steel, RAL 9006
  • Adjustable carton magazine for different blank sizes
  • Size adjustment with handwheels and indicators
  • Powered blank pick-up axis with suction system provided with four or more suction cups
  • Automatic and pneumatic system for squaring the carton and folding the bottom flap
  • Powered longitudinal axis with several suction tools for folding the front and bottom flaps and delivering the carton to the pusher.
  • Control panel with touchscreen interface and start/stop buttons.
  • Transparent safety guards and interlocked access doors
  • 1500 mm standard magazine for 150-200 blanks

Version with carton closed using the HOT-MELT system:

  • Unit for thermal heating and glue melt complete with 3 kg tank
  • Glue temperature electronic control and programming
  • Hot-melt jet guns for gluing the bottom flaps
  • Pad-stretched flaps for the inside of the boxes

 Brochure Multibox  Video Multibox

 Production rate  15 pcs / min.  Minimum box size  100 x 200 mm
 Power required  10 kW  Maximum box size  400 x 400 mm
 Compressed air consumption  4 nl / cycle  Minimum tray size  200 x 300 mm
 Total weight Multibox  1500 kg  Maximum tray size  750 x 800 mm
 Dimensions Multibox  2700 x 3000 H 2000 mm  Outlet box front  LT / conveyor


American Box


Format: 30x40  

bottom & lid


American Box sealed

with hot-melt adhesive



Detail: trays storage


Detail: picking up system


Detail: forming slide


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