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TF80 Tray former Punnets




A system of suction cups picks up the blanks from the vertical magazine and unloads them horizontally onto longitudinal guides. The chains push the blanks on conveyors from the pick-up area to the forming area at the same time. During this phase, the blanks pass below the “Hot Melt” glue applicators that apply the stitches of hot glue in the positions set by the PLC program. The pneumatic centering device pushes the blanks towards the hopper, where the mold cycle starts by pressing the blanks in the forming area. During the last downstroke, two pneumatic counter pistons forcefully glue the box held by the four stopping devices. The box is then stacked with the other boxes that are picked up and formed with the same cycle.

 Brochure TF80  Video TF80
 Production rate  60 - 120 pcs / min.  Minimum box size  85 x 110 mm
 Power required  11 kW  Maximum box size  190 x 265 mm
 Compressed air consumption  7 nl / cycle  Minimum tray size  140 x 160 mm
 Total weight TF80  1000 kg  Maximum tray size  330 x 425 mm
 Dimensions TF80  2600 x 1250 H 2000 mm  Outlet box front  LT / box counter

                    Detail: trays storage

                        Detail: double forming press

Detail: glue applicator

Format: trays

Format: tray

Format: small and medium trays


Format: high tray handle

Format: trays

Format: medium tray handle

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