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Bag in Box Monoblock

Bag in Box Monoblock - Mod. Monobib


Monoblock for Bag in Box cartons forming, bag filling and hot glue carton sealing.

The machine, made of AISI 304 stainless steel and AISI 316 in the parts in contact with the product., is composed by:

  • Automatic Carton Erector;
  • Automatic Filling Bag;
  • Automatic Sealer.


  1. System for sucking the residual air in the bag by appropriate channels on the valve
  2. System for injecting nitrogen after the filling by appropriate channels on the valve
  3. Valve for recovering and adjusting the overpressure of the product
  4. Valves for condensate discharge and control of the steam sanification temperature
  5. Air absorber for stabilization of the pressure of the product (to limit the thrust loads during filling), complete with valve for inner cleaning of main tank.




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