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Sacmi AWS (Alfa Water Solo)

Volumetric Filler for non-carbonated beverages in PET Bottles (Solo)

The Sacmi AWS machine is ideal for filling non carbonated water in PET bottles. Ease of use, reliability and price competitiveness are the main characteristics of the new A series fillers.

How it works

The bottles are handled by the neck, so that during the production of containers with different size, but same finish, change over time is minimized. The filling technology is electronic-volumetric type: one of the filling valves is equipped with a magnetic flow meter, which measures the volume delivered in the bottle, thus allowing machine electronics to define the time necessary to perform filling at the amount required. The remaining filling valves are pneumatically operated on the basis of the time such established. The machine has been designed so as to ensure maximum repeatability on the parameters that affect the filling (delivery pressure, valve opening and closing times, etc.) in order to achieve bottle level precision guaranteed.


The product is delivered through tubes, in order to achieve machine highest washability on the rotating carousel. The only tank has been installed and fixed on the ground, outside the carousel, and its function is to receive the product from product delivery system. This tank is washed through spray ball system. The dummy bottles introduction and extraction is manual. The guards have been installed on the floor and manufactured in polycarbonate and stainless steel.


Sacmi AWS has been designed in order to obtain a minimized and facilitated maintenance. These are some of the solutions employed:

  • The product distributor has been equipped with mechanical seal, thus eliminating the higher wear of the slipping gaskets
  • The filling valve can be taken off from the carousel in less than 30 seconds
  • No custom electronic component nor electrical panel for filling management on the rotating part.

See the picture


Technical features

Filling system Electronic-volumetric
Products which can be filled Non-carbonated water and beverages
Minimum conductivity 20 µS
Filling precision (maximum σ) 1.2 cc for sizes below 600 cc
1.5 cc for sizes between 600 and 1000 cc
1.8 cc for sizes above 1000 cc
Waste during production due to filling 0.01%
Size change over time (with the same neck) 20 minutes
Materials in contact with the product AISI 316L
Materials of structural parts AISI 304 and carbon steel
Gaskets in contact with the product compatible with the contact with food according to the European standards and FDA

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