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Multi-pass digital printers (plotter)

Multi pass digital printers (plotters)


COLORSCAN is a compact, versatile plotter that can be smoothly integrated into the digital manufacturing cycle for both prototyping and small-scale production run purposes.
Produced in a range of models to meet every manufacturing need in ceramics and other industrial fields, the main technical characteristics of the COLORSCAN plotter are:


Technical characteristics                         
Inkjet print technology         Drop on demand         
 Xaar printing heads      1002 GS6 / GS12         
No. of colour modules       from 3 to 6
Physical print resolution      360 dpi      
Optical print resolution
     > 1000 dpi      
Maximum printing rate      25 m/min (linear)
Binary print mode      GrayScale            

The COLORSCAN graphics management programme allows the user to print high definition images in 4-colour or “multicolour” mode. COLORSCAN also integrates perfectly with the CRONO colour management system and the COLORA HD BLACK single-pass digital printer.


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