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Universal upper base

Universal upper base

MUB, the universal upper base was created through innovation and research, to offer the most varied and different production solutions.
The possibility of using it combined with the universal lower base allows to supply only the parts for tile size, that is the size KITS.
The MUB can be used as universal upper part for the SFS mould and also as upper electromagnetic plate, or plate with permanent magnets on all other mould types (entering punches, for mirror dies and half-entering dies), thanks to the versatility of the universal monolithic upper plate.
The latest generation Universal Upper Base offers many practical, economic and handling advantages:

  • Possibility of using it with all mould types.
  • Reduction of the mould price.
  • Reduction and simplification of size change times.
  • Reduction of weights and overall dimensions vs. complete SFS moulds.
  • Increase of safety thanks to the fastening of the upper die box with permanent magnet system.
  • Versatility of the upper block that can be supplied with electromagnet system or with permanent Magnet system.

The MUB is suitable for any type of press and can produced in many dimensions, from size 20x20 to 40x40, from size 45x45 to 60x60, from size 60x60 to 90x90 and from size 90x90 to 120x120. Customisation possibilities are available upon customers’ specific requests.


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