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CRS – Fast Changing Mould

CRS – Fast Changing Mould

The rapid changeover mould, more commonly called “CRS”, is the result of the steady research of Sacmi and it guarantees:

  1. Higher productive flexibility: mould changeover time is down to half an hour and becomes much more profitable to produce lots of even just a few hundred meters
  2. Easy use: labour time is reduced, as the fast changeover can be made by even only one operator in full safety
  3. Space requirement reduced: during the changeover, overall dimensions and space requirement are reduced, as all operations are made in full safety at the front of the press instead of at the back, drawer side, without any movement, as it generally occurs in traditional configurations
  4. “Pull” logic: meets the need of the ceramic manufacturer of following the production demand of the market more easily with limited lots and frequent size changeovers, minimising warehouse stock. 

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