SACMI-CEFLA, vaccinations begin at the Autodromo hub

Excellent take-up among personnel, who will get both doses before the August summer vacation. Encouraged by the ‘trailblazers’, the number of companies taking part in the initiative has now risen to 70. Presidents Paolo Mongardi (SACMI) and Gianmaria Balducci (CEFLA) stated: ‘We’re proud to be making a vital contribution to speeding up the vaccination campaign in our area’

This morning saw the launch of the SACMI and CEFLA employee vaccination campaign at the Medical Center inside Imola’s world-famous racetrack facility, the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. The first shot was administered at 8.30 a.m. It was followed by a brief inaugural ceremony, attended by the head of Imola’s Local Health Authority, Andrea Rossi, Mayor Marco Panieri and company presidents Paolo Mongardi (SACMI) and Gianmaria Balducci (CEFLA).

While the campaign is run on a purely voluntary basis, vaccine take up rates among personnel have been very high. In total, some 1,700 employees - residing both in the Imola area and in other parts of Emilia-Romagna - will be vaccinated at the hub within a week, at a rate of about 300 a day.

Afterwards, more than 70 local companies will join the campaign, following in CEFLA and SACMI’s footsteps. In total, the campaign will involve over 3,000 people, mostly under-50s who will be able to complete the 2-shot vaccination program before the summer holidays and return to work with considerable peace of mind. These figures are pretty significant for the Imola area.

“Protecting our people means protecting our companies and the community as a whole”, observed presidents Gian Maria Balducci and Paolo Mongardi. “This is why this day is such a satisfying one: we’re proud to have made a substantial contribution to speeding up the local vaccination campaign”.

Drawn up following Government approval of a protocol for company vaccination hubs and in keeping with subsequent regional guidelines, the plan was implemented by SACMI and CEFLA with valuable support from Imola’s Local Health Authority. The latter coordinated smoothly with company doctor Sante Tabanelli, who’s now at the forefront of the campaign alongside the head of the Medical Center, Marco Bandini, an emergency physician. Companies see this project as highly beneficial and have invested heavily in it, despite a gradual opening of vaccinations to all age groups: “A praiseworthy effort”, commented the General Manager of Imola’s Local Health Authority, Andrea Rossi.

The choice of the Medical Center was a significant one. This excellent facility has a fully equipped ambulance, an emergency physician, a 20-strong team of doctors, nurses and administrators, ensuring the highest levels of assistance and safety during vaccination procedures. Note that injection protocols mirror those of the national vaccination plan, which is coordinated by Local Health Authorities.

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