Sustainability and new materials: SACMI Metal Caps complete solutions

A point of reference for crown cap technology, the company supplies complete lines and services that respond both to new market trends as well as the digitalisation of processes. Available in the entire range of product inspection systems, which always ensures a guarantee of maximum quality.

Sustainability and new materials in the Closures area, which is a sector in which the SACMI Rigid Packaging Technologies Division is leader and makes constant investments in original proposals and complete solutions encompassing machines, technologies and services for the production of metal caps.

Simplicity, practicality, cost-effectiveness: three key advantages offered by the crown cap product, which is a vital accessory for the beverage industry and, in many aspects, is still inimitable today.

SACMI has been operating in the sector continuously since 1950, with the development and design of complete lines for the manufacturing and application of this type of cap with the best market performance.

With the development of the PTC 600 press, SACMI has enhanced the features of the previous presses, which were already a point of reference in the sector. The distinctive characteristics of the new press include the system for the electronically controlled feed of the lithographed sheets directly from a pallet, with automatic centring managed by the CVS3000 vision system, which is available in the entire range.

The entire process for the development of the crown cap technologies – and the progressive expansion of SACMI’s proposal to other metal cap products – is accompanied by systems for the in-line production and application of seals. Here, SACMI proposes both the PMC range – the in-shell machine for crown caps as well as new solutions with the PMV range for aluminium ring-pull closures.

Since 2019, SACMI has also integrated the complete line for the production of ring-pull caps into its metal packaging range, which includes the new PTS001 press that produces 1,300 closures/hour. This new machine is used together with SACMI’s consolidated solutions for the application of the seal (PVC and PVC-free) and the application of the ring-pull closure.

SACMI is the point of reference for manufacturing aluminium caps, both for traditional ROPP closures as well as for the standard MASC (multi material aluminium SACMI caps), which is a solution with very high added value from the point of view of safety and practicality. Also in this case, the proposed solution combines the press, lining machine, together with the production and assembly of the tamper evidence band. All processes are constantly controlled by the CVS vision systems designed and produced by SACMI.

SACMI performs all the tests on the capsules in its own laboratories starting from the prototyping phase, using procedures that are certified by the main international companies in the beverage market. This is another guarantee for the customer regarding the results that can be expected from production that SACMI can offer thanks to its day-to-day collaboration with the main international brand owners.

All of SACMI's manufacturing solutions include dedicated inspection systems for each product range, which are able to work in-line with the high-speed machines.

These include the new 3D system for the inspection of lugged caps, which thanks to its artificial intelligence algorithms permits a proactive approach to process control, also using advanced functions that predict behaviours over time.

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