CCM 4.0 r-evolution, SACMI at Propak India 2021

At the UCIMA-ICE trade fair, SACMI will be presenting the latest innovations in its range under the banner of advanced 4.0 controls and sustainability. Downstream, new post-processing solutions developed with Velomat

With over a thousand solutions supplied, Asia is the leading market for SACMI compression technology. This is what the company develops as part of the complete and integrated Rigid Packaging Technologies Business Unit proposal that SACMI (HALL5GF #O13) will be presenting at Propak India (New Delhi, 20-22 October 2021).
Sustainability and 4.0: these are the main guidelines that lead the evolution of SACMI's product range, which, in the compression field, can be summed up in the CCM (continuous compression moulding) range of presses. This has recently evolved even further in the direction of advanced controls and predictive maintenance.

Complete preform-caps solutions
For a thousand machines supplied on the continent, there are just as many neck-cap designs developed by SACMI for its customers all over the world. A sign of the ability to work on the complete cap-preform system with a view to reducing weight, optimising performance, and innovative designs to meet the latest trends in product customisation.
In addition to the CCM 4.0 line - made even more efficient thanks to advanced controls that limit the possibility of human error and reduce production downtimes to zero - SACMI now offers a complete range of preforms with IPS (injection preform moulding). This is a solution that, in its latest developments, has been designed to allow extensive use of recycled resins (100% rPET and up to 50% PET in the form of flakes).

Slitting-folding machine by SACMI, towards new standard tethered 
The 3Rs perspective (reduce, reuse, recycle) is a clear guideline for the sector, both in Europe and worldwide. This is why, alongside intensive research into weight reduction and the search for new standards, SACMI has extended its range to include post-processing solutions.
An international leader in compression technology, SACMI has developed a range of machines dedicated to the cutting and bending of the cap security strip. Among the solutions in the range the SFM (cutting and bending machine), to which SACMI has added the new sample control system (pull force machine) and related vision systems.  
A distinctive feature is the ability to operate in post-processing with a versatile, high-performance solution, adaptable to frequent format changes and/or product customisation requirements.

Assistance Services
Customer assistance right from the design phase is the calling card of SACMI, which operates in India with the new SACMI Engineeringoffice. In addition to on-site services, SACMI offers a complete package of remote assistance services, provided in synergy with the parent company, to accompany the customer throughout all phases of the project.

Visit the SACMI space at Propak India 2021 (HALL5GF #O13). You will find us at the Italian UCIMA-ICE trade fair. We look forward to seeing you there!

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