Adding value to ceramics: SACMI at Indian Ceramics 2024

Adding value to ceramics: SACMI at Indian Ceramics 2024

A growing pool of projects and customers thanks to further technological innovations that add value in the form of unmatched aesthetics, higher productivity, greater versatility and lower consumption

Ultra-high-quality products, digitally decorated on the surface and through the body: products developed using a unique technology, Continua+, and manufactured on complete lines that maximize efficiency and performance at every stage of production. SACMI will be showcasing all this - and more - at the 18th Indian Ceramics (Helipad exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 6-8 March 2024). This edition sees a bolstered SACMI presence on this strategic market, as highlighted by the inauguration of the new SACMI Engineering-connected branch in Morbi, dedicated to after-sales services.

Beautifully natural ceramic, offering new uses and unparalleled aesthetics

On a market that’s nearing an annual tile output of 3 billion square meters, SACMI is building an ever-stronger reputation and has a growing customer pool. Multiple recently-launched projects are now fully operational. These include several Continua+ lines, the global benchmark for the manufacture of ceramic slabs and sub-sizes.
At Indian Ceramics, visitors can meet the SACMI Engineering team and get a close look at the latest SACMI breakthroughs. These include the brand-new V-Nature technology which lets producers create digital through-veining on Continua+, with perfectly synchronized surface and in-body decoration.
DDG is also set to play a pivotal role at the fair: this world-exclusive SACMI technology for the parallel on-surface application of glues, grits, materials and effects delivers unrivalled aesthetics and depth. This merging of Continua+ and SACMI Deep Digital devices opens up huge opportunities for customers who are looking to add value to their ceramic products, broaden their field of use and enter new segments.
Moving on from forming-decoration to advanced finishing, another must-see at Indian Ceramics will be the range by BMR: a SACMI company specialized in the design of cutting, sanding, lapping, squaring and surface finishing machines, with pioneering solutions such as camera-controlled tool wear to ensure consistent quality and optimized maintenance.

Powering the ceramic process

A cutting-edge ceramic plant featuring all the required technologies is a SACMI hallmark, worldwide. Hence the pivotal role played by SACMI Engineering – together with the new branch in Morbi – as a hub not just for Spare Parts Sales & Services but also for Technical Assistance services along with its own in-house production unit in Sanand, Ahmedabad for the direct manufacturing of machines such as Spray-dryers, Dryers and Kilns.
The Maestro kiln range features fresh solutions that are already leading the way. These include modulated air-gas kilns (FMA, the global best-seller) and groundbreaking versions that have been adapted to run on alternative fuels as part of a wider ‘green transition’.
Maestro technology delivers accurate control of all parameters, digital control of firing recipes and total quality on every type and size (with measures, for example, specifically designed for large sizes). The Maestro ‘family’ focuses on turning sustainability into a major opportunity for further plant development and greater profitability.

Leading the way in Intralogistics

With the recent establishment of newco SacmiCassioli, SACMI has joined the ceramic intralogistics field, providing a comprehensive end-of-ceramic-line solution. From automatic warehouses to software, from laser-guided vehicles to robotic picking islands, SacmiCassioli's all-encompassing intralogistics range is built on ‘Made in Italy’ tradition and expertise, all with a sharp focus on building modern ‘smart factories’.

Sanitaryware and Tableware

SACMI sanitaryware and tableware manufacturing technology has set the standard for more than four decades. The success of its systems stems from three key aspects: total repeatable quality (also through the increasing use of automation), enhanced skills (alongside a reduction in manual tasks) and the efficient consumption and management of resources (water, raw materials). An approach appreciated by the major global players who continue to place their confidence in SACMI Sanitaryware & Tableware solutions, from casting to robotic glazing, from finishing to firing.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair and exploring all the opportunities together with our team. Indian Ceramics (Helipad Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 6-8 March 2024). Hall no. 2, Stand no.C211

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