Grespania installs a touch of SACMI Maestro magic

Grespania installs a touch of SACMI Maestro magic

A new high-efficiency FMA SACMI Maestro kiln, optimized to fire large sizes, has been installed and started up in the Castellón factory: another clear reinforcement of the partnership between SACMI and Grespania Group, renowned makers of high-quality, beautifully designed ceramics

Grespania is all about ceramic products of outstanding quality and design. Now, with SACMI, a second FMA Maestro kiln has been installed at their Castellón plant. The project follows on from an earlier expansion of the production plant, completed with SACMI in 2019 when a third high-performance line was installed.
Larger than its predecessor, the new FMA Maestro kiln purchased by Grespania features innovative, market-leading modulated air-gas technology. This ensures air and fuel mixes are optimized at every stage, lowering consumption while greatly enhancing product quality, repeatability and process consistency. It also optimizes productivity and consumption on the latest product types in their catalogue. 
Dedicated to the manufacture of floor ceramic, the Castellón plant was fully renovated back in 2005 when SACMI supplied all the key machines (presses, dryers and kilns). The upgrades continued in 2019 with the arrival of a powerful SACMI PH10000 press, an EVA414 vertical dryer and the first FMA kiln.
Together with the new FMA, expected to be operational by spring, SACMI has supplied two ELS pre-kiln dryers and an automatic laser-guided vehicle (LGV) to speed up product handling and keep pace with the kiln’s higher output rates. 

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