Disegno Ceramica: a new SACMI RobotClean customer

Disegno Ceramica: a new SACMI RobotClean customer

The number of RobotClean units installed by Italy’s leading sanitaryware manufacturers now stands at around ten. Delivering advantageous finish quality/repeatability and better working conditions, this solution continues to gain in popularity

Disegno Ceramica, company of the IBD Italian Bathroom Design, Mittel spa Group, has gone for SACMI RobotClean, SACMI’s ground-breaking robotic solution for the white finishing of sanitaryware surfaces.

Easy programming, complete automation and standardized quality are the hallmarks of a solution that performs what was traditionally a manual process, thus ensuring a healthier workplace and higher-quality results.
RobotClean features special abrasive tools that let you handle any type of finishing the article may require. Robot tasks can be programmed offline thanks to proprietary SACMI software, an exclusive, interoperable, cross-platform solution for the control of all automation on sanitaryware production lines.
Designed for seamless integration with the other stages of the production process - from casting to glazing - the RobotClean cell delivered to Disegno Ceramica is equipped with handling robots that perform automatic loading from the car and, once finishing tasks have been completed, send the article on to the final stages.

This takes the number of RobotClean solutions installed by leading players in the Italian sanitaryware industry to around ten, consolidating a solution that offers widely appreciated advantages in terms of finish quality/repeatability and improved working conditions.

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