SACMI @Revestir 2024: record-breaking technology and service

SACMI @Revestir 2024: record-breaking technology and service

Continua+ goes from strength to strength as the benchmark technology in South America. Following completion of projects of unprecedented size and quality, SACMI reinforces its role as a strategically vital partner for Brazilian manufacturers, with SACMI do Brasil delivering the service excellence that makes the difference

Inimitable performance and high efficiency are bringing huge success on the Brazilian market, where SACMI remains the industry’s leading partner in terms of number of projects, their quality, technology and customer service. Revestir 2024, to be held from 19 to 22 March at São Paulo Expo, now offers a great opportunity to assess the results achieved and set ambitious new goals.

The ‘Panamerican’ Continua+

With its dominant geographical position and penchant for technical skills, Brazil influences all of South America. The combined total of Continua+ solutions installed in both Brazil and Argentina now stands at 11 and includes all the available versions: the PCR2000, PCR2120, PCR2180 and the PCR3000.
Low consumption (0.4 kWh), unmatched versatility and user-friendliness are the hallmarks of this SACMI ‘super-compactor’. Increasing popularity with Latin American customers also stems from the outstanding final product quality.
Continua+ delivers exceptional quality and efficiency at all times: a slow, controlled de-airing process prevents any on-slab tension (which can lead to defects or breakages) and allows for the creation of through-body decoration, delivering stunning 3D and aesthetic effects via the coordinated use of SACMI Deep Digital devices (DHD and DDG).
Consequently, manufacturers can enjoy flexibility in terms of product types and aesthetics. The final ‘look’, in fact, is completed by BMR, the SACMI company that specializes in ceramic product finishing (lapping, sanding, polishing, cutting into sub-sizes and squaring); their 4.0 solutions use sensors and cameras to ensure long-term processing efficiency and reduce size changeover times.

SACMI: a strategic body preparation partner 

In Brazil alone, SACMI recently installed over 50 grinding chambers, consolidating the exclusive modular grinding technology (MMC) that’s now pivotal to this market’s transition towards larger sizes.
In parallel with the technology, SACMI leads the market by providing comprehensive product consultancy

A ‘Maestro’ of quality and sustainability, tailored to match the latest sizes

High performance, low consumption and outstanding adaptability to new products/sizes are the hallmarks of the SACMI Maestro kiln range. Growing demand for large tiles and slabs has resulted in the design of increasingly longer kilns - sometimes over 300 meters - with inlets as wide as 3550 mm or more for those installed in Brazil.
Maestro kilns ensure uniform temperatures over the entire cross-section and firing curves optimized according to the specific product. The outcome: higher efficiency, optimized consumption and new digital and hydrogen solutions that are already on the market.

Sanitaryware and Tableware

Brazil is a mature market, increasingly oriented towards the adoption of next-gen technologies that deliver repeatable quality and process automation. Key Brazilian sanitaryware and tableware players now see technologies such as SACMI pressure casting and robotic glazing as must-haves.
SACMI heads to Revestir with a growing portfolio of projects and investments, including some world exclusives such as the installation of several AVM machines and the first ALV robotic cell in which a single robot manages no less than 8 casting modules. Such automation and versatility offer a perfect response to a Brazilian market characterized by diversified production, a vast range of product sizes/codes and small batches. The same goes for Tableware, a sector in which SACMI-SAMA solutions - whether they be individual technologies such as isostatic pressing or complete plants - are the market’s best-sellers.

SacmiCassioli Intralogistics

With SacmiCassioli Intralogistics, SACMI completes its ceramic intralogistics range, providing a comprehensive end-of-ceramic-line solution. This newco will be at Revestir to present a full range that spans from automatic warehouses to software, from laser-guided vehicles to robotic picking islands: a set of solutions built on ‘Made in Italy’ tradition and know-how but with a sharp focus on cutting-edge ‘smart factories’.

SACMI do Brasil

A combination of a main office in Mogi Mirim, a new technical hub in Rio Claro and a full range of assistance services covering everything from machines to molds make SACMI do Brasil unique. One of the first overseas offices, it was opened by the SACMI Group in 1969. It grew steadily and in 1997 began direct production of kilns, dryers and mold parts.
Today, SACMI do Brasil plays a pivotal role on the South American market. Its ambition - as highlighted by the recent success of the technical seminars SACMI organized in Rio Claro and Criciúma - is to further expand customer support services at every stage of the order and throughout the product lifespan.

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