Granicer: outstanding technology from SACMI delivers exclusive quality and design

Granicer: outstanding technology from SACMI delivers exclusive quality and design

New plant dedicated to high-end cladding slabs and furnishing accessories now fully operational. Already a winner at TecnaAwards 2022, the company now enters the high-end segment with SACMI, the supplier of two Continua+ solutions and all the key technologies, from spray dryers to BMR finishing lines

Granicer - Ceramica Indiana's mission is to provide the high end of the market with exceptional product quality. Now, with SACMI, the company has started up a new plant fully dedicated to cladding slabs and furnishing accessories.

Founded in 2006 as Comet Granito - already a SACMI partner on its traditional pressing lines - the Granicer brand is taking Indian ceramics to the next technological level, delivering high-added-value products that have unprecedented uses.
“The goal”, explains Padaliya Pintukumar Shamjibhai, CMD of Granicer Ceramica Indiana, “was to create a cutting-edge plant, the best in Asia for this top-of-the-market segment. Hence our decision to go with SACMI”.

Hard-wearing, practical, of the highest aesthetic quality and available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses: these are the hallmarks of the products made by Granicer, whose Morbi (Gujarat) plant features two SACMI Continua+ machines, a PCR2000 and a PCR2120. Equipped with special feeders (DMS, APB0 and DDD) to create digital patterns and decorations at the initial compaction phase, the PCR2000 can make slabs and countertops measuring 160x360 cm and 6, 12, 15 or 20 mm thick.

With the PCR2120, instead, the focus is on 6 and 9 mm cladding products in the highly popular 120x280 cm, 120x320 cm and 120x360 cm sizes. The plant can also produce floor slabs measuring 60x120, 120x120 and 120x240 cm. To create them, Granicer uses traditional floor tile bodies on the Continua+, together with super-white or super-black full-body compositions for countertops and special furnishing accessories.
In addition to the two Continua+ solutions, SACMI has supplied Granicer with all the key plant technologies: these range from the three spray dryers to the two 7-channel horizontal dryers, the three FCC HTE kilns (two narrow 210-meter kilns and a third 252-meter one) and the relative pre-kiln dryers. Granicer has also invested heavily in finishing. It now has two BMR 60-head polishing lines (for products 120 - 160 cm wide and the relative multiples and sub-sizes) and two squaring lines featuring SquadraDry technology, both complete with market-leading ItalVision automatic sorting machines.

A TecnaAwards 2022 winner (company of the year in the Asia area), Granicer expects the new plant to have an output capacity of 30-35,000 square meters per day. Granicer now aims to make the most of the technological superiority acquired through SACMI by positioning itself at the high end of the market with distinctively designed products. At present, the company has over 200 new collections in its catalogue, on display in its stunning 3,000 m2 showroom.

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