Akij Bangladesh expands tableware production with SACMI-Riedhammer

Akij Bangladesh expands tableware production with SACMI-Riedhammer

Second TST glost firing kiln for porcelain recently supplied. Production at full operating capacity set to reach 38 tons per day of fired product. Decision follows hot on the heels of the first investment at the brand new Trishal plant.  

Having successfully entered the high-end tableware market, with Sacmi, Akij Bangladesh is set to more than double production capacity through the purchase of a second kiln for glost firing for its brand new plant at Trishal.
The excellent market response following the first investment led to the decision to expand, which will enable Akij to reach 38 tons of fired product per day (considering both kilns running).  
The new kiln is a 72-metre long TST/244/60-G model, designed by SACMI-Riedhammer, for firing glazed porcelain in a reduction atmosphere and is suitable for processing 21 tons per day of product with a cycle time of 7 hours and peak temperature of 1360 °C. 
The various optional devices chosen by the customer include the advanced settings made possible thanks to fans provided with inverters, together with stand by fans, which come into operation when necessary, thus avoiding production stoppages. The supply also includes the transport system for fully automatic handling of the 83 kiln cars.
Furthermore, the TST kiln has been optimized from the point of view of energy consumption since it is equipped with a heat recovery system for pre-heating the combustion air. The same excess hot air is recovered and sent to the existing driers, thus significantly reducing consumption.

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