Ceramica Portobello embraces the SACMI Deep Digital philosophy

Ceramica Portobello embraces the SACMI Deep Digital philosophy

From the size and thickness versatility of Continua+ to the latest dry and wet decoration opportunities, all digitally coordinated and synchronized. After installing the DHD, the Brazilian giant has now gone for SACMI DDG to ensure it’s ready to present new collections at Revestir 2024

Brazilian giant Ceramica Portobello embraces the SACMI Deep Digital philosophy by installing an exclusive DDG digital printer alongside the digital wet decorator that has been operating successfully since 2022. The goal? To extend the size and thickness-related manufacturing versatility provided by SACMI Continua+ to slab surface aesthetics and texturing by combining the SACMI DHD and DDG.

Downstream from the SACMI PCR 3000 super-compactor lies the DHD-D2012 digital printer, in operation since 2022: it is designed to allow wet decoration of fired slabs up to 1800 mm wide. Now, Portobello has decided to pair this machine with the DDG 2022, an exclusive SACMI solution that allows the simultaneous application of inks, grits and effects, also in coordination with the DHD. 

This Brazilian group has always focused on the high end of the market and now aims to make new products with extremely deep decoration while maintaining maximum manufacturing flexibility. “With our brand”, points out Remualdo Furlan, Portobello's Industrial Director, “we’ve always strived to manufacture unique, avant-garde products: we believe SACMI technology to be the best available option to give them even greater added value.”

More specifically, the DDG+DHD combination will allow Portobello to create products with innovative graphics and texture, using a technology that offers unmatched size and thickness control thanks to SACMI Continua+. Portobello is going to present its latest collections at the upcoming Revestir 2024, the biggest Brazilian fair for ceramic technology and products. 

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