SACMI to showcase the ‘control revolution’ <br>at Propak India 2022

SACMI to showcase the ‘control revolution’
at Propak India 2022

The company - market leader in terms of the number of installed systems - presents new cap-preform line developments that focus on cutting-edge controls and 4.0 services. The result: guaranteed, repeatable quality, with more efficient processes that respond to the ‘green packaging’ challenge.

Quality, personalized products and services, profitable sustainability: the three main elements of the solutions to be showcased by SACMI at Propak India 2022, a key event for the strategic Indian market.
The latest swath of SACMI innovations include a new generation of machines featuring pioneering controls, ensuring more efficient process management and excellent product quality-repeatability. What’s more, SACMI is the market’s only sole supplier of cap-preform systems and provides advanced consultancy services via its Rigid Packaging Laboratory.
All the latest SACMI news and technology is set to play a leading role from 21 to 23 September at BIEC (Bangalore International Exhibition Center, Hall 4, stand 4Q17): a unique opportunity to get a close look at a technological/plant engineering proposal with which SACMI is driving innovation in the direction of green packaging.
The latest CCM generation. Advanced controls and services
SACMI recently upgraded its CCM range by adding in-press innovations and controls that improve the process, boost quality and reduce consumption. These include the new CM-Flow extrusion unit that feeds the resin needed to manufacture caps.
The absence of motor-linked gearing ensures overall on-press electricity savings of up to 9%, giving process efficiency and quality a major boost; note that the system can also be installed on existing machines.
Each latest-generation CCM is also available with the new ‘Smart Pack’. The latter includes advanced hw/sw controls. These guide customers as they manage the key phases of the process, ensuring correct insertion and positioning of the dose, proactive control of the machine's hydraulic system and proper adjustment of the thermal dynamics of the process.
This results in greater plant availability which, in turn, means tangible, measurable economic advantages.
IPS 300, high performance, rPET friendly
The IPS 300 is SACMI’s latest PET preform production machine. It provides the highest performance and lowest energy consumption (0.2 kW/kg) on the market.
From a sustainability perspective, SACMI has, for some time now, aligned the IPS with a ‘recyclable PET’ approach. Thanks to an exclusive new processing hopper that simplifies and optimizes the process, this means standard machines can produce preforms using up to 100% rPET in granulate form and up to 75% PET in flake form.
These are just some of the opportunities available to customers, and on this new machine they’re completed by the PVS156 vision system, now fully integrated on the press to provide intensive production control.
Computer Vision Software, the new AI approach by SACMI
The entire SACMI production line is characterized by an approach to quality control that goes far beyond monitoring the characteristics of individual products: it collects data on the process, monitors its efficiency and facilitates any corrective action.
For example, with the PVS156 manufacturers can execute intensive quality control on the produced preforms and enjoy the considerable advantages of more flexible management of recycled resins, which typically have variable rheological and quality characteristics (i.e. density, viscosity, etc.).
The system makes effective use of advanced AI. This extends the feedback-on-process concept to the preform sector (i.e. process deviations can be anticipated and corrected while production parameters are optimized at all times).
On the cap front, SACMI has developed an integrated range of quality control solutions for the cap body and tamper band slitting-folding. All systems are designed to make the operator's work as simple and effective as possible, thanks also to the use of user-friendly interfaces.
Renewed SACMI Engineering and high-added-value services
Eight years ago SACMI announced a multi-year plan to expand its production facilities in India. A project completed just this year with the recent inauguration of the ‘new’ SACMI Engineering, a refurbished, extended facility that now houses an area dedicated to Rigid Packaging Technologies.
This state-of-the-art facility - part of the SACMI Global Network - employs over 160 people who provide technical and sales assistance across the various SACMI businesses: yet another indicator of the company’s focus on this strategic market, which has rewarded the quality of SACMI's products and services with constant growth in recent years.

SACMI, second-to-none technology and innovation since 1919.

Waitin’ 4 you at Propak 2022, hall 4, stand 4Q17, Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.

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