RAK buys SACMI RobotGlaze for its Headquarters in UAE

RAK buys SACMI RobotGlaze for its Headquarters in UAE

The latest design glazing line follows on from the first supply, which has already been in production for years with great success. The goal: total automation both for glazing and handling with all the advantages this offers in terms of product logistics and development.

The multi-national sanitaryware company producing 5 million pieces per year, with 21 plants and customers in 150 countries, RAK Ceramics finalizes a project with SACMI to modernize and optimize its plant at Ras Al-Khaimah, in the United Arab Emirates, at the Group headquarters.

The project regards “Sanitaryware I” where, as part of the expansion plan explained above, RAK has chosen to install a new SACMI robotized cell to glaze different pieces especially the modern one-piece WCs.   
With this supply Rak invests in the latest-generation Gaiotto solution.  Not just the 8-axis robot, served by 4-position carousel, but also a complete solution including automatic handling from loading to unloading with two bar-conveyors connected by angle transfer device.   

The GA2000 model robot is equipped with self-learning software to assist the development of new products/glazing programs. The system is equipped with Mass Control® to regulate the flow-rates of the glaze, allowing personalized settings to be made directly from the joystick according to the different models.

Finalized in October 2021, the supply contract is part of a wider plan for the constant and continuous application of the most modern technology, confirming a global partnership between SACMI and the RAK Group both as regards Sanitaryware lines and Tiles supplies. In addition to the upgrade and expansion of the production unit, the project aims to optimize production capacity and logistics at the site in Ras Al Kaiman, including much work to extend and optimize existing systems.

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