Robot Load introduces a robotic technology for smart automation of all the operations necessary for loading / unloading the kiln, including sanitaryware smart handling and positioning onboard of kiln cars, handling and positioning of support plates and optimization of available space on kiln cars.


The tool with the suction surface is designed to be particularly versatile and suitable for handling all the different models and sizes of sanitaryware pieces: wall-hung WCs, bidets, washbasins etc. In this way a universal tool has been developed which avoids the necessity to continuously change the robot’s equipment from piece to piece, thus guaranteeing an extremely high production capacity.


    A further added value offered by RobotLoad, which is difficult to fully express in the technical specification, is the sheer versatility of this technology. Consider that there are various different types of kilns and kiln cars (shuttle kilns, tunnel kilns, roller kilns…) and, furthermore, the space available to install loading/unloading cells and the production mix varies greatly from Customer to Customer and from plant to plant. RobotLoad, however, is specially designed for installation in any of these different situations and can be set up to meet the specific requirements of each of Customer.
    RobotLoad is also provided with highly developed software and electronics, such as the Smart Positioning Software and the Smart Vision System. The first of these works on an aspect which currently entirely depends on the experience and manual skills of the operator i.e. optimizing the positioning of the sanitaryware pieces on the kiln car.
    By processing the information about the pieces arriving from the production line, Smart Positioning Software optimizes their position on the cars in a fully automatic and autonomous way.   
    Smart Vision System, on the other hand, is an advanced vision system which enables complete scans of the pieces on board the car to be carried out so as to identify the position of the sanitaryware pieces and their model.

    There are several other activities surrounding kiln car loading and unloading which are currently performed by operators such as, for example, preparation of the ceramic plates and expanded polystyrene sheets which are both used as firing supports for the pieces inside the kiln and are required to prevent damage caused by shrinkage during firing. RobotLoad is able to control and automate even these stages of the loading/unloading process since it is equipped with a special “double” tool for the smart control of supports (one side of the tool is used to handle the ceramic plates by means of a suction cup system, while the other side is equipped with special grippers for the pick-up and deposit of the polystyrene sheets).


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