The SACMI company for over 50 years international professional of goods shipment.

Services for the complete management of the shipment

Accredited in Iata, associated with Fiata and Wca, ITALIANSPED offers its exporting and/or importing customers the complete management of the shipment, thanks to a consolidated experience in the procedures and operating methods of management of the different phases. ITALIANSPED is recognised in the industrial and manufacturing sector as a single interlocutor able to carry out both complete logistical outsourcing and interventions in individual segments such as storage, packaging, warehouse and distribution logistics, full load and groupage transport, certification, customs clearance and delivery.


Services for the complete management of the shipment

Shipping, forwarding, logistics



Specific competence in customs matters for the management of all problems related to exports.



Integrated management of shipping by sea, air, land, including door-to-door services for customers around the world.


“One-day delivery” and 24-hour support

ITALIANSPED guarantees delivery within 24h throughout Europe and, in recent years, has established and expanded its 24-hour support services, with the possibility of integrating shipment coordination with technical assistance. 


Services and logistics 4.0

ITALIANSPED offers comprehensive services and processes integrated with the company's ERP, both within SACMI and with selected third-party customers.


From SACMI service companies to multi-business players

ITALIANSPED has a strategic service role within the SACMI Group for the management of international shipments by sea, land and air. The company also offers its services directly to the market, with diversification areas ranging from oil & gas to the management of shipments and special packaging in different sectors.

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