‘The sustainable turnkey solution for primary packaging’ – SACMI protagonist at Pharmapack 2021

CBF (compression blow forming) technology - which offers outstanding market-certified performance in terms of consumption and quality - and the latest family of pharma cap electronic assembly solutions by SACMI-Velomat to take center-stage

Lighter containers that offer unaltered performance yet also same-weight containers that offer increased quality, thanks also to the use of latest-generation raw materials: two major sustainability advantages now available to plastic container manufacturers thanks to SACMI CBF, to be presented at the Pharmapack international fair in Paris on 13 and 14 October 2021.

Featuring an intense program of on-line conferences (Learning Lab platform, SACMI presentation scheduled for 28 September), the fair brings together the major players of an industry that is inescapably impacted by the dynamics affecting the primary packaging sector. First and foremost are the 3Rs, that is, lower consumption of raw materials, reuse and recycling.

So how does this apply to the pharma industry where, for obvious regulatory and safety reasons, only the ‘tried and tested’ is deemed acceptable? The answer is CBF, which delivers certified resin savings of 20%, with performance, safety and consumer guarantees remaining equal. As SACMI will illustrate at the event and the on-line conference, this solution was recently certified by, among others, GSK Consumer Healthcare. One of the world's leading pharma players, GSK has chosen CBF for use on the production lines that make the well-known over-the-counter drug Advil.

Prototyped back in 2004 and marketed in recent years, SACMI CBF is the world’s first technology for the compression manufacture of containers and delivers a sound, advantageous alternative to technologies such as EBM and IBM-ISBM. Indeed, for the pharma industry, one of the key advantages is - in addition to precision, versatility and extremely easy weight reduction - an improved humidity and oxygen barrier effect that extends product shelf life, providing further self-evident savings from an environmental perspective.

The partnership between SACMI and several leading raw material producers has proved to be strategic to the latest market-certified developments. All these elements help enhance the intrinsic environmental footprint advantages of the SACMI CBF extrusion and compression forming process, now also available for PET applications.

Alongside Containers, this edition of Pharmapack focuses on the latest cap assembly solutions developed by SACMI-Velomat for the pharma market, solutions that have attracted the attention of the industry’s leading players.

These cap types are highly complex (just think of the average dispenser) and can be managed with latest-generation Velomat electronic assembly systems. Key features of these highly versatile machines include their ability to assemble different child resistant CRC caps with quick changeovers, lower running costs thanks to the use of linear motors and servomotors (i.e. less compressed air, less wear on machine components) and in-line assembly quality control using SACMI vision systems.
We look forward to seeing you at the fair on 13th and 14th October 2021 (stand B96)! Follow us on the Learning Lab platform on the Pharmapack website (SACMI conference scheduled for Thursday 28th September).

Here is the link to the session on the event platform

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