With SACMI technology, Rak Porcelain soars to 36 million pieces per year of top-quality tableware

With SACMI technology, Rak Porcelain soars to 36 million pieces per year of top-quality tableware

New SACMI ATM018 spray-dryer - specially configured for tableware - just started up as part of expansion project at Ras Al Kaimah plant. The machine features special filters and materials to guarantee top quality and repeatability as well as reducing emissions

Rak Porcelain has installed a new SACMI spray-dryer, as part of the production expansion project at its plant based in Ras Al Kaimah, United Arab Emirates.
When you choose Rak Porcelain, the table is transformed into a work of art” is how the company presents its new collections that are becoming increasingly popular on the international market, especially in Europe.

RAK dedicates its high-quality tableware ranges to the Ho.Re.Ca industry and it is in this segment that it aims to grow its market share. To this end, having set up the tableware plant with SACMI technology in 2021, the customer has now completed expansion with the installation of additional presses, kilns and the spray-dryer.

The solution supplied is an ATM018 complete with all accessories and conveyor belt. In a special set-up suitable for tableware, the spray-dryer is designed for an evaporating capacity equal to 1.000 litres/hour of water with an output of 1.6 ton/h of granulate. In this way, the residual humidity of the slip is reduced by 40% at the inlet and up to 2-3% at the outlet.  

The machine is provided with a wet filter to reduce consumption and emissions – humid air at the flue <30 mg/Nm³ – in compliance with the strict environmental norms of the UAE.  Even the materials and linings - for example the inside part and the exit cone made of stainless steel as well as the special weldings – are specifically conceived for the tableware application, guaranteeing the purity of the spray-dried powder and consequently the better functional quality and appearance of the pressed and glazed product.  

Thanks to the expansion project, production capacity at the Ras Al Kaimah plant, has increased considerably passing from 26 to 36 million pieces per year.  

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