Assembling machines

SACMI Velomat has a long and consolidated experience in the production of machines and complex lines for the assembly of safety closures for liquids. The assembly lines assemble up to 12 components also combining operations of cutting and aluminium deformation. Our machines are often equipped with vision systems for quality control of the individual components or the finished product.

The assembly speed is variable, whatever the type of closure and whatever the customer’s needs, up to 800 parts per minute. The technology used depends on the kind of application requested.  We produce fast index modules with rapid tooling for the assembly of products composed of different families of closures and continuous motion modules where the speed of assembly is the key element. 

Continuous Motion Technology Velomat

Continuous Motion Platform

350 pz/min, 2 continuous motion heads, one assembly head and a rolling head. 2 components. 1° head 16 pushers and 16 socket, 2° head 8 sockets.

Rotary index machines

Rotary Index Platform

500 pz/min, 2 heads, one index and one continuous for the assembly and control of 2 components.

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