SACMI takes over Euroelettra, boosting its automation and 4.0 services capacity for the industry

SACMI takes over Euroelettra, boosting its automation and 4.0 services capacity for the industry

This latest acquisition has the dual advantage of strengthening SACMI's growth strategy in the automation field and ensuring operational/employment continuity for this long-standing Reggio Emilia-based firm, a global supplier of industrial plant control, monitoring and energy efficiency solutions

SACMI's takeover of Euroelettra Sistemi Spa was completed on 3rd August. The resulting reinforcement in the strategically important development field makes this latest acquisition a major success for the SACMI Group. It's also good news for the area, which sees the completion of a project designed to ensure operational/employment continuity for this historic company, with additional growth prospects both within and beyond the industry.
Established in 1979, Euroelettra Sistemi is, today, a global provider of solutions for the automation, plant engineering revamping and monitoring/control development of industrial plants. "This takeover", observes the President of SACMI Imola, Paolo Mongardi, "stems from SACMI's desire to strengthen its growth prospects also as regards external lines, especially the supply of plant flow monitoring/control system installation and management services to customers and the Group parent company, all with an ever-sharper focus on Industry 4.0".
Founded in the manufacturing district of Reggio Emilia, which has long-standing traditions in the automotive and electromechanics fields, Euroelettra has, over the years, diversified to become a leading provider to the energy (thermoelectric and hydro-electric power plants) and steel sectors. Moreover, in recent years it has further strengthened its role as a key provider of automation systems to the ceramic industry.
Designing and automating energy generation and energy saving systems now constitutes one of Euroelettra's core businesses, with the company offering expertise in the revamping and improvement of existing systems. Close customer support during the set-up of 'turnkey' process control systems is matched by outstanding 24/7 customer service (with opportunities for personalisation and the ability to coordinate management of data networks, feed systems and raw material batching plants, and supply and implement supervision systems).
Subject to liquidation procedures since 2018, Euroelettra Sistemi enjoyed SACMI's support for 14 months via a company branch rental agreement that began in June 2019. Then, on 7th July 2020 came the red letter day: SACMI won the competitive auction and moved to complete the operation, performed with the full agreement of all parties (bankruptcy trustee, contractor, employees and their union delegates).
"Completion of the acquisition", observes Paolo Mongardi, "was therefore a dual source of pride. On the one hand, SACMI has been strengthened in a strategic business area by acquiring a company with a healthy portfolio and a sterling reputation. On the other, we've ensured operational and employment continuity for over 50 people, who will find new personal development opportunities within the SACMI Group".

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