Maximum safety and versatility with SACMI FFS

Maximum safety and versatility with SACMI FFS

Available in both an “ultra-clean”, and “aseptic” configuration, the form-fill-seal line combines thermoforming, filling and labelling on a single system and incorporates the SACMI ISA (Integrated Sleeve Applicator).

With a large machine pool installed worldwide, this solution continues to set the industry standard thanks to performance, outstanding configurability and low maintenance requirements.

Safe, high-performance, flexible. This is SACMI FFS, the consolidated form-fill-seal technology that’s now set to boost quality further to keep pace with recent trends on the dairy market.

An industry standard-setter for years, FFS now combines container thermoforming, filling, sealing and labelling... all on one system! All on a small footprint, all fully automated and all manageable by a single worker.

Thanks to SACMI Beverage's extensive experience as a supplier of machines and complete plants, new features have been added over time. More specifically, the system can be used aseptically thanks to a "half tunnel”, with pressurized sterile air, that closes on the plastic film to minimize sterile zone volumes and give the product a shelf life that requires no cold chain.

Not only does it safeguard the product; this innovative system significantly reduces compressed air and energy consumption and, compared to alternative solutions, reduces maintenance requirements.

In its aseptic configuration, the machine can work continuously for up to 72 hours without maintenance. Air sterility is monitored constantly, while all the materials that form the packaging are sterilized before entering the machine. The FFS preparation sterilization circuit, which uses hydrogen peroxide vapors, is completely separate to prevent any risk of product contamination.

Available in several, highly customizable configurations, from 6 to 100,000 containers per hour depending on the format, the FFS incorporates in-machine labeling. Customers can choose between IML (in-mold labeling systems, with the Roll-Fed process directly in the machine) or the ISA (Integrated Sleeve Applicator), a SACMI-patented solution that applies shrink sleeves. The latter is available in a multi-packaging configuration that operates at speeds of up to 20,000 applications per hour, offering customers unprecedented brand enhancement opportunities.

Excellent machine customization goes hand in hand with an ability to handle all thermo-formable plastic films on the market (PS, PP, PET and PLA). Moreover, the new PET film pre-cutting solution will soon be available. This material continues to make market inroads on account of full recyclability in food industry applications and the fact that customers can easily convert from PS to PET lines.

With FFS, SACMI aims to strengthen its position as a provider of integrated turnkey solutions to the dairy sector, supplying close customer support right from the planning stage and offering new container design and development consultancy services. SACMI also works alongside customers to design complete lines that expand out from the FFS to include secondary packaging and palletizing solutions.

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