SACMI BIB: 100% sustainable Bag-in-Box  from production to shelf

SACMI BIB: 100% sustainable Bag-in-Box from production to shelf

Bags and boxes made of recycled material. Flexibility, accuracy and filling hygiene. Versatility with all types of packaging

With the integrated monobloc for the production of Bag-In-Box type packaging, SACMI launches the challenge of 100% sustainability along the entire value chain, from production to shelf.
Compact and integrated, the SACMI solution has long been recognised and rewarded by the market for its versatility and efficiency in the handling of different products, thanks to a high-performance process that makes it possible to switch directly from the materials that make up the packaging to the finished product, filled and packaged, available for distribution in a confined space.
From the pack point of view, SACMI BIB's latest generation solutions are characterised by the possibility of using bags in 100% recycled polyethylene (PE) or PET and carbon-free caps. Sustainable by definition - the storage of potentially large quantities of product limits the packaging required to the essential - BIB packaging is redesigned by SACMI taking into account the entire shelf-life of the product, from filling to logistics, up to consumption and subsequent disposal of the container.
The high level of hygiene and accuracy of the filling process allows the customer to increase the shelf life of the product. Available in various versions, the system has been designed by SACMI to allow flexible management of various products (water, wine, oil, sauces, etc.). Adjustments made to remove all residual air inside the bag after filling - thanks to the advanced nitrogen injection system and the efficient air discharge system already fitted in the bags - contribute both to the perfect preservation of products, even those very sensitive to oxidation, such as wine, and to the possibility of dispensing and consuming almost the totality of the product.
Both the filling machine - automatic or semi-automatic, with magnetic or mass flowmeter depending on the product to be handled - and the end of line (forming and insertion of the bag into the case) can be customised to meet the customer's needs. From this point of view, SACMI is strongly committed to designing products for maximum flexibility in the management of supplies: SACMI BIB solutions are in fact compatible with every type of bag, cap and case.
In addition, the limited footprint and ease of use by the operator complete the solution which, in full SACMI tradition, stands out on the market for its high reliability, sturdiness and less and simplified maintenance

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