Asian Granito Limited launches the Adicon project with SACMI Continua+ technology

Asian Granito Limited launches the Adicon project with SACMI Continua+ technology

Founded in 2000, AGL is now a market leader. Its success has been built on a continuous quest for excellence, with the launch of new brands and superb products. At the ultra-modern Morbi plant the Continua+ will operate in concert with a new kiln and ‘zero fuel’ dryer. India’s ceramic industry continues its trend of achieving goals by investing with SACMI.

A key player in India and one of the world’s top twenty ceramic manufacturers, the AGL Group (Asian Granito Limited) is focusing on the future by teaming up with SACMI to establish the first complete production plant for floor, wall and furnishing porcelain stoneware slabs.
AGL continues to go from strength to strength. Exports are steadily increasing (and are now shipped to over 100 countries) and it has some ten production facilities, including the ultra-modern manufacturing hub in Morbi. Now, they have gone for SACMI Continua+ (PCR2000) technology to launch their new Adicon collection: porcelain slabs that are 9 - 18 mm thick, in sizes that range from 80x160 cm and relative multiples (80x240, 80x320) to 120x240 cm.

Founded in 2000, Asian Granito Limited has, in just two brief decades, emerged as one of the biggest ceramic enterprises in the country and, indeed, the world. Today, it has a multi-brand portfolio and leads the way on the high-end market. “Our leadership”, explains Mukesh Bhai Patel, Managing Director of Adicon, “is built on a constant quest for excellence and an ability to successfully overcome any challenge. The Adicon project is a case in point. That’s why we’ve gone for world-class technology such as SACMI Continua+ and placed a comprehensive order with a sharp focus on sustainability”.

AGL seeks to be a pioneer in the green transition, doing so against a backdrop of rising energy costs which are also impacting India. Hence their purchase, together with the PCR2000, which offers ultra-low consumption (just 0.06 kWh per m2, against 80 kW of installed power), of a 58.8-meter 5-tier SACMI dryer that uses heat retrieved from the kiln, allowing it to run at full capacity without any fuel. A SACMI exclusive, the ‘zero fuel’ dryer will be used in conjunction with a 27.3-meter EVC 295 horizontal dryer feeding a new 239.4-meter high-efficiency, high-performance SACMI FCC 295 kiln.

Completing the order is the ATI spray dryer, produced directly at SACMI Engineering, the SACMI Global Network hub in India for all production, technical, sales and original spare parts services.
“Once fully operational, the new Adicon line is expected to produce 5.3 million square meters per year”, reveals Mukesh Bhai Patel. “This will allow us to develop an innovative, world-beating product portfolio to achieve further excellence both on domestic and foreign markets”.

​From SACMI’s perspective, this underscores the solidity of its partnership with Asian Granito Limited: in the last two years alone, there have been no less than 4 investments in complete production lines (forming, drying and firing), resulting in the launch of four product lines. More specifically, the Adicon project continues the positive investment trend among India’s top players in the industry, with SACMI Continua+ technology playing a pivotal role.

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